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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Short Exeprt from the Karma Stone

Using the knife, he swung at her again catching her chest, causing a splatter of blood. The sticky warmth and faint metallic smell thrilled him, increasing his adrenalin. The lust for blood fed his anger as he kept swinging the knife, now missing, then striking, and then missing again. Grabbing her hair, he was able to get a more solid hold. Taking the blade still sharpened and honed from the stone, he cut her throat. The blood spattered everywhere. In his fury he lost control as he kept hacking away, unaware of anything else.  Carving and cutting, he couldn't get enough, his hands were trembling and his heart beating so erratically it shook his frail frame. She could no longer fight, but the initial anger still fed him. Stabbing the knife into her body repeatedly, cutting off parts and moving them around he continued until exhausted. He kept going, but soon over-extended the abilities of his body. Stopping to rest, he realized she had not moved for some time.