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Splintered:Sierra's Legacy

As a young woman learns of her true heritage, she finds that she is one of three that are challenged to save a world from destruction. An orphan at birth and losing the only father she has ever known, she finds herself in a strange world, full of those with magic and other abilties. His last wish if for her to find her real family.

As she learns the history of the three worlds, she finally understands why she has always been different. Her destiny is to save one of the Tri-World planets from destruction, but in order to do so, she must learn to harness her powers, and find the other two who share her ability.

As the danger increases, time becomes a luxury and she must move forward before the dying planet, destroys them all. Knowing she is not alone, she pushes forward to conquer her fears, and find those who's destiny matches her own.

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