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The Karma Stone (Soon to be Released)

The Karma Stone
by Leslie Wright

Description: Welcome to Darkness

Through the annals of time, one of the most horrific mysteries remains a question. Who was Jack the Ripper? Disappearing as quickly as he appears, he escapes accountability for the brutality and egotistical nature of his crimes. However, Karma is an integral part of life, judging all actions for their corrective purpose.

Delve into this phenomenon for a different take on history. Unable to complete his agenda, the Ripper returns time after time, wreaking his final vengeance on those who draw his ire.

Follow his evil as he moves through the ages. Shifting quickly, he eludes Karma as he continues his murderous intent. Escaping fate as he continues his gruesome deeds, he remains ahead of Karma's Champion.

A Golem, made of natural substances of the Earth, serves as Champion. Guided by the soul of a past victim, the Champion will create the Karmic action necessary to fulfill the deed. Using the blade belonging to the Ripper in his first life, the Champion must sever the evil while the soul maintains innocence. Only then, can those involved continue to pursue balance and move forward on their journey to the Wheel of Souls.

Unaware of being shadowed, he visits his brand of terror in a seemingly never-ending loop. Fate takes a stand, as the time of his dominion is past. In his maniacal manner, he has set in motion a chain of events that puts a child at risk.

To sever the loop, his final stand brings his past before him in a way he cannot have anticipated.

Unable to elude the hunter, he finds the answer to his Karmic balance, as the souls of his past become the justice of his future.

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