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Friday, July 12, 2013

Update on the Karma Stone

The warm weather has been a boon for editing. I love the sun, yet the heat is so strong it keeps me indoors, so I am able to find time to complete my editing. I am about a 3rd of the way through my final edit, and I have set several query letters as well as a submission to a publisher.

I am still on track to finish up and be ready for publishing by July, which is very exciting. This is a paranormal horror story and quite brutal and graffic, so I am not sure of my audience. It is quite different then my usual work. My frist being a paranormal YA, Splintered:Sierra's Legacy, The Christmas Star, a heartwarming holiday paranormal, and then Face the Music, still in the editing phase, but a paranormal mystery with zombies and two female sleuths.

I plan on another installlment of the Karma Stone, but have not yet begun. I am just very excited to move forward.

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