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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Readying for release

I am getting ready for release of The Karma Stone, and also moving forward on Face the Music. I will be heading on a trip to visit some friends and hope to have copies to take with me. A labor of love, it is still somewhat like giving birth, there is still that pain irregardless of how the end product makes you feel.

I am also completed the re-editing of Pplintered: Sierra's Legacy, stabilizing the time line, and adding a few extra scenes. Already for sale, I will update the re-release. I am hoping to have all three completed and out there at the same time so that my readers will have something to choose from for extra reading. Along with The Christmas Star, part of a Christmas Antrhology, Christmas Lites, I will have four works available. I am already looking at further work and should have something new beginning this fall.

The work is interesting, and I am enjoying the way the words fall together. I am ready to get these in print and e-book and on to the next.

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Have a wonderful day.

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