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Monday, February 4, 2013

Editing Surprises and growth

I have been editing Splintered for the last few days and what I find is invigorating. I have grown and can see the errors so much more clearly. I have a few paragraphs that I told the story instead of showing and I found I could make the episodes involved so much more telling by tweaking a few words. I believe it really helps to step away for a time, we authors become entirely to fond of our characters and are not able to clearly characterize them without the distance. At least I have found that to be so here.  I remember now why I was so smitten and and excited to bring Sierra and her crew into the updated fantasy she deserves. I believe within a month I will be close to complete and will re-introduce the work with an updated time-line, Chapter headers, and a few or scenes. I appreciate your patience and enjoy your time. I smile as I think about moving forward on this project, it makes me want to mover foreword on the sequel.

The Karma Stone, as you know has been entered in the ABNA contest, but I already have Beta Readers asking me to write it as a series. I will certainly think along those directions, but the darkness of the telling takes a lot out of me. I will look for the next story to fit in, it is set up for such a direction should I so choose.


Leslie Ann Wright

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